Time for some motivation …

Why do I act?

It’s my therapy. I forget everything when I’m doing it … I forget I’m sick, that my leg hurts, that my relative passed away, that I’m having a rough time at my day job … everything. I’m not me anymore, I’m someone else for a short while. It’s quite an escape.

I love to hear an audiences reaction. I want to go on a stage or behind a camera and leave an impression on someone. Even if it is just one person … I’ve done my job. Touching someone’s heart and making them feel something, anything, is why I do it.

It’s challenging. I’m so grateful for every opportunity that comes my way. I love to find a challenge in every role. Something new that I didn’t do before. It’s worked so far. But then again I haven’t done much yet. I have much to learn. That’s another thing … I learn something new every role I play; whether it’s about myself or about the craft. There’s always something to learn.

It’s something I know I’m not terrible at. There are so many things that I’ve failed at doing in life. Things that I was picked on for. I’ve finally found the place where I belong. Where I can keep growing and learning and meeting new people and figuring out who I am and what I’m all about. And meeting and working with great people while doing it 🙂

The actors below also answered the question perfectly for me …

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