Once upon a time there was a young girl. She was happy. She had fun. She played games with her brothers and sisters. She fought with her brothers and sisters. She loved her mummy and daddy. She had fun at school. She started ballet classes. She had a best friend. They played together all the time. They were inseparable. They went to each others’ houses and played even more.

Then she got a little older. Her brother and sister got older too. But they still played games. She kept up ballet classes – even though she wasn’t that good. She still loved her parents even though they broke up. They still loved her. They felt the need to keep reminding her that they still loved her. She got a cat. She moved house. Her friends were not as friendly as they used to be. Her best friend started to grow distant.

Then she got a little older. Her best friend didn’t like her anymore so they stopped hanging out together. Her mummy got a boyfriend that she didn’t talk about. Her daddy got a girlfriend that was around a lot. Her brother didn’t talk much anymore. She and her sister would fight a lot – with words too. She felt very alone. She went to the school counselor. She got worse and worse at ballet. She started to like boys that didn’t like her. She started jazz and hip-hop instead. She felt freer dancing jazz and hip-hop and she was better at it. The boys she liked made fun of her in front of others. She let it all out in her room crying and dancing to lyrical music.

Then she got a little older. Her mummy got a new boyfriend who moved in. Her daddy got a new girlfriend who she liked. They shared clothes. She only had one friend – her cat. She felt very alone. She danced in her room. She never had a boyfriend but she told boys she liked them. She was very honest. She didn’t know what she wanted to do in life. Her mummy and daddy pushed her to study hard. She danced some more in her room. She passed all of her exams with good results. She finally found a boy who liked her but only wanted one thing from her. She left him. She was very sad. She danced some more.

Then she went to University. She met a boy there. They liked each other. She met some nice people. They became her friends and she was not so lonely anymore. Then she started seeing this boy and she fell in love with him. She stopped hanging out with her friends because she felt like he was all she needed in her life. Although, he tried, he just didn’t love her back. She lost her friends. He broke her heart. She was alone, so she danced some more. She didn’t like her mother’s boyfriend. Her daddy’s girlfriend left him. She had no one to talk to. Her mummy, her mummy’s boyfriend, her brother and sister and her moved out into a new house. She finally had her own room to dance alone in. She felt better, but not good.

Then she left University. She found another calling in life? She didn’t think so. She didn’t know what to do with herself. She just kept dancing, hoping someone would see, would realize the pain in her movement. Maybe she just wanted to touch someone’s heart. Maybe she wanted someone to feel something for her. Love? It didn’t have to be love. Understanding would have worked just fine. She went online. Hello? Is anybody there? Anyone would do. She found another boy. He had nice hair. He understood her pain, she thought. He made her feel better. She danced through that feeling. She met a girl. They became best friends. She loved her new best friend. She loved her a lot. She loved this boy a lot too. But her boyfriend and her best friend loved each other a little more than they loved her and they broke her heart.

She couldn’t dance. She was broken.

Her mummy tried to help her pick up the pieces but she didn’t manage. Her daddy tried too, but he wasn’t around much so it didn’t work. Her brother and sister didn’t realize how broken she was so they did nothing. She was broken. She tried to dance, but it hurt too much. Her body hurt. Her eyes hurt from crying. Her mind hurt from thinking. Her heart hurt from feeling. She tried but she couldn’t. She stayed in bed hoping the pain would go away. Hoping that the mattress would suck all the pain out of her body like a vacuum cleaner. Hoping that her blanket would cover her body and soothe her pain away gently. But it didn’t. It didn’t go away. She was broken.

One night she had a dream. She dreamed that she was walking on a pavement. She found a piece of broken glass. She picked it up. Continued walking. Another piece of broken glass. She picked that up too and held the glass in her hand. She couldn’t feel the glass in her hand. She knew that she needed to be careful. It could hurt if she held on to it too hard. She opened her backpack. Put the broken glass gently inside and kept walking. She found more broken pieces. She put them carefully into her backpack so as not to tear it from the inside. She followed the trail of broken glass. To a theatre.

She walked into the theatre. More glass on the floor. She walked towards stage where there was a statue base with a pair of feet stuck to the bottom. The feet were made of glass – broken at the ankles. She tipped the broken glass out next to the statue’s feet. She tried piece by piece to put the glass back together. She couldn’t do it. The glass was cutting at her hands. She needed gloves.

Just then, her mummy walked in with a pair of gloves. She put the gloves on and tried to continue putting the glass back together. It wouldn’t hold. Her mummy tried to help her. Think of ways that she could put it together so that it would stay upright on its own. But nothing worked. She needed glue.

Just then, her daddy walked in with a huge bottle of glue. He gave her a hug. He said that the glue could fix anything. The glue had a sticker on it: “The glue that holds you together”. She started squeezing. Strings of glue came out along the edges of the broken glass. She managed to get a few pieces together. She couldn’t figure out how the whole thing fit together.

Just then, her brother and sister came into the theatre and said “it’s just like those puzzles we used to play”. They all helped her put the statue back together.

While putting the statue back together they realized that they didn’t have all the pieces. Eitherway, it was a beautiful statue of her. She was dancing. She looked happy and peaceful. She looked relieved and calm. She looked like she was going to take on the world. She was only 20 and she was ready for it. There were still some cracks in the glass. The dried glue made them more obvious. It’s okay. The cracks reminded her of her hard work to put it all back together. The dried glue reminded her of those who helped her out. Who brought her the gloves. Who brought the glue. Who helped her figure the puzzle out. The glue made her stronger. Still vulnerable at the cracks but she got tougher. She withstood some more falls. But best of all she could continue dancing. She will stumble upon the missing piece one day.

Once upon a time there was a man and a woman. They were married. They had a house. Two dogs. She was a dancer and he was a carpenter. She entertained people with her beautiful dancing. He built different structures and helped other people fix things. He found a piece of glass on the floor and she fell over him. That’s how they met. She knows that nothing lasts forever. But he will always be the one who finished her statue.

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