Acting Portfolio

My portfolio showcases various roles performed throughout my career spanning over 11 years. Have a scroll through my resume and check out my Showreel below.

Steffi’s IMDb Page

Film / Television

  • Feature Film, Hotel Clerk, CLASSIFIED, Film Bridge Productions, Roel Reiné
  • Feature Film, Max, SERENA, Lampa Stampa Films, Keith Tedesco
  • Feature Film, Rachel (Hart’s Daughter), HOUNDS OF WAR, Juggernaut, Isaac Florentine,
  • Short Film, CHANGES, Self-Directed & Self-Produced
  • Feature Film, Black Boar Barmaid, ACCIDENT MAN 2, Wonder Street, George & Harry Kirby
  • Feature Film, Rowdy Woman, PRIZEFIGHTER: THE LIFE OF JEM BELCHER, Camelot Films, Daniel Graham
  • Television, Lucy Sullivan, THE WAY BACK, Difyrent Productions, Maria Grech
  • Feature Film, Dr. Camilleri, UWIJJA, Lampa Stampa Productions, Keith Albert Tedesco
  • Feature Film, Maria, MACHINATION, Nexus Production Group, Ivan Malekin & Sarah Jayne
  • Feature Film, Anne Marie, THE VIPER’S PIT, Shadeena Productions, Martin Bonnici
  • Short Film, Laura, CAMILLA, Shadeena, Stephanie Sant – WATCH IT HERE
  • Television, Jackie, NEVER AFTER, Take2 Entertainment, Abigail Mallia
  • Feature Film, Chief’s Assistant, 13 HOURS: THE SECRET SOLDIERS OF BENGHAZI, Paramount Pictures, Michael Bay
  • Feature Film, Sandra, DO RE MI FA, Dragonfly Films, Chris Zarb
  • Television, Jessica, LA THOBBNIX, Watermelon Media, Chantal Fenech
  • Short Film, Martha, ALICIA, Motion Blur Productions, Shirley Spiteri Mintoff
  • Short Film, Ava, ENCOUNTERS, Joanna Caruana
  • Short Film, Doctor, THE LOTTERY TICKET, Malcolm Vella King


Stage / Pantomime / Musical / Comedy

  • Stage, Celia, AS YOU LIKE IT, MADC, Philip Leone Ganado
  • Stage, Helena, A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM, MADC, Nanette Brimmer
  • Stage, Chorus, IMAGE OF AN UNKNOWN YOUNG WOMAN, MADC, Philip Leone Ganado
  • Stage, Rose, A HANDBAG, Masquerade Theatre Company, Andy Smith
  • Stage, Jan Sanderson, I’LL BE BACK BEFORE MIDNIGHT, MADC, Colin Azzopardi
  • Stage, Ensemble, THE VAGINA MONOLOGUES, Nanette Brimmer
  • Pantomime, Salty Sue, TREASURE ISLAND, MADC, Malcolm Galea
  • Comedy, Michelle, JACK AND HIS BEANSTALK: THE ADULT PANTO, Ants in Pants Productions, Steve Hili
  • Comedy, Bitta Hymen, PUSS IN BOOTS: THE ADULT PANTO, Revolt Productions, Steve Hili
  • Pantomime, Double Daisy, MERRY POPPINS, MADC, Malcolm Galea
  • Stage, Eve, ADAM AND EVE … AND KEVIN, Revolt Productions, Steve Hili
  • Pantomime, Stinkerbell, LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD AND YOU- KNOW-WHO, Masquerade TheatreCompany, Anthony Bezzina
  • Stage, Margaret, MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING, MADC, Christopher Gatt
  • Stage, Jane, MURDER PLAY, MADC, Maria Somers
  • Stage, Dolly, WOMBERANG, MADC, Kate Hudson
  • Musical, Lady Escalus / Ensemble, R+J FOREVER, Masquerade Theatre Company, Wesley Ellul
  • Pantomime, Sandy, THE CURSE OF SNOW WHITE, Masquerade Theatre Company, Anthony Bezzina
  • Stage, Kate, THE HAMLET TRILOGY, MADC, Chris Hudson & Colin Willis
  • Cabaret, Helga, MONSTER BURLESQUE CRUISE, The Dazzle Troupe, Nicole Cuschieri

Commercial / Voice Over / Video Game / Corporate

  • Commercial, Librarian, FARSON’S CISK, Maka Visuals
  • Commercial, Mother, JAMES CATERERS, Matthew Muscat Drago
  • Advertising Campaign, Mrs. Claus, MVINTAGE, Randon Films, Naomi Gradel
  • Commercial, Woman, VANILLA TELECOMS LTD, Reel8 Productions
  • Commercial, Woman, MELA.BIZ, Heba Alshibani
  • Commercial, VING Woman, VING Insurance Brokers, WAVA, Kevin Naudi
  • Commercial, Main, BE DRINK AWARE – OUT OF CONTROL – DRINK AWARENESS CAMPAIGN, Monolith Productions
  • Commercial, Woman, AMERICAN POPCORN, Monolith Productions
  • Commercial, Woman, BAY RADIO TVC, Monolith Productions
  • Commercial, Lawyer, GRAND LOTTERY TVC, MPS PictureBox Ltd
  • Corporate, Maria, QIAGEN SUMMIT, MALTA, EGR International, Douglas Wright
  • Video Game, Cla, TIME HEIST, Five and a Quarter Games, Jean-Pierre Brincat
  • Voice Over, Woman, WORLD MARKETING, motion blur
  • Voice Over, Woman, BOND’S RADIO ADVERT, MPS. Ltd
  • Voice Over, Woman, MALTASHOPPER RADIO ADVERT, Media Link

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