“Steffi Thake gives an absolutely brilliant delivery of the character. He trauma and struggle is not only evident in her demeanor. It is in her eyes too. […] Steffi is immaculate to watch even as she is breaking down and absolutely losing it. Maria is the subject of the film and Steffi is the perfect choice for an artist to bring that subject to life.” – Tony Asankomah


“Maria is played by Steffi Thake, and the actress’ delivery is absolutely fierce.” – Federico Furzan


Midwest Film Journal

“What mostly sells the film, though, is Thake’s performance as Maria. It’s almost entirely a one-woman show, and she creates a character who is sympathetic and believable while also experiencing a largely internal emotional journey.” – Evan Dossey


The Times of Malta

“Steffi Thake was at her very best as Celia; she fleshed out a character that, although secondary in importance to Rosalind, fully demonstrates the human virtues that are always at the heart of Shakespeare’s writing. Her movement was precise, her delivery was direct and her emotions spot on.” – Jes Camilleri


Escape Magazine

“I was particularly impressed with […] Steffi Thake playing Helen. […] Thake deftly used all her skills to create a truly memorable Helen.” – Jes Camilleri


The Times of Malta

“Steffi Thake’s own brand of character doubling […] has her moving from strength to strength as she transforms from journalist to injured girl, to the confused titular character.” – Andre Delicata

Salty Sue

The Times of Malta

“The performance I enjoyed the most was Thake’s Salty Sue [the enigmatic odd-ball Jamaican voodoo soothsayer] – which was fun, sharply executed and easy to watch: her timing is excellent.” – Andre Delicata


The Sunday Times of Malta

“I was particularly impressed with Steffi Thake’s performance of Rose […] Thake’s expert use of her body language clearly portrayed the inner doubt and obsessive nature of her complex personality. Hers was a very delicately weighted performance that showed considerable skill and restraint.” – Jes Camilleri

Jan Sanderson

The Times of Malta

“Thake’s portrayal of a tired and slightly confused woman who’s determined to get her life back on track […] was sensitively crafted and well executed, proving that this young actress has made steady progress and is one to watch out for.” – Andre Delicata


Insiter Online

“Steffi Thake was very strong in the part of ‘Jane’ as the vengeful wife, brought the cold heartedness and indifference of a potential killer to life. In fact she rightly walked away with the title of Best Actress.” – Elena Stilon


The Sunday Times of Malta

“In a small part, that of Hero’s flirtatious and somewhat dim lady-in-waiting Margaret, Steffi Thake made her mark, especially in her scene with Benedick.” – Paul Xuereb

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